by Noiseware

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This labyrinthine mesh. A grey elemental self.
They say it defines you, your one true self.
These cold drops of sweat
That slowly run, now penetrating the calm I treasured
Now I’m lost.

It procrastinates your coming of age
Now, a stranger to your own self.
Confined to my own deceptive ways
These sombre thoughts are here to stay.

If there was, ever a truth, in the decay that surrounds
A gospel of our own, that stood the test of time.
We conjure things with clichéd circles, like a war against nature falling into them.

We might not have the virtues/ or have the competence to/ consummate colossal metamorphosis.
But, hold on to your pre-dispositions/and all that it takes to /sublimate malignant sinful genesis.

Breeding though existence, everlasting thoughts that infect.
It haunts us forevermore.
It feeds upon this system, compounded by suspicion.
Leaves us forever numb.
There’s no beating perfection, a glorified misconception.
Steals us, from our own truth.

It steals
Leaves us forever numb.

One space in time, that defines us
It’s a state of mind that unites our, matrix of reflections.
Simple truths of co-existence, keeps us from losing it all.

I defy your perception.

Our guilt, an overwhelming shame
Frays the reins that we control.
My mind, a place that I’ve defined
I confide/realise my fears/those i forsake.

These scars I bear.
As I lie here,
I persist.
I exist.


released November 25, 2011




Noiseware Pune, India

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