Clouds At Last

by Noiseware

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Prelude 01:09
Solar 05:00
Come stay with me for a while Help me see illusions in the dark What is real, and what is that I now believe Run down by time, I suffocate Is it all in the mind? The choice to break Give away Swept away, unborn again Only a drifting mind Overcome my pain The light will shine through Over the hills of solitude I’ve come to find myself again And all things I know Reaching out for what was meant to be The thought within is what I’ve always known It disappears with the night It can’t be undone This agitation within my mind Losing trust of my own kind Been a while I’ve recognized the demons bred inside They wont leave my side Let me go now, I see the light I’ve come to find my self again Rise. Carried away, I abdicate Every part of me, what I used to be I’m left alone And all I’m left to feel, never knew it to be real I’m so lost. These voices I hear inside my head I’m a stranger to my own self I’m lost within the darkness of my own mind I’m not the man you make out to be I’m gullible, at war with these things I feel Not a moment away from this madness I breathe Try and step away from this state I’m in Return to life as I see it Before it’s too late Step away And I’m now here to stay
Rise up Through the darkness This comes close and grows Pushes the edge of what I know Distrust That is all I am And all there’s left to suppose It drags me away Away from the known As far as these eyes can see (I see) I call this mine No sight of myself My reasons have failed me again Portentous voices trap this mind of mine Wipe away the path to dreams that we all see Locked away in a shell, I lay there Time stood still (With) my reasons and my sanity And now with the world at my feet Will the anger ever fade away? Endeavors to feel and comprehend Convulsing reflections of obscurity within The dagger; now it runs deep right through this heart of mine, That once was, now turned to stone In times like these I wonder if its worth finding myself I’d rather not, as I journey into the darkness I’d rather see this, than pretend that I don’t feel Don’t feel a thing (I’m) all but a lost dream Don’t feel a thing Save me, now I’m lost within As far as this mind can perceive My reasons have failed me again This fear is all I know And all there’s left to control It pull me away, away from what I’ll know Mistrust is all I know And all that’s left to fend off I search for these answers buried deep down
Vortex 03:50
Things all seem real to me I’ve seen this grow to be more than what it should be It feeds on what’s now left Makes it’s way inside out Breeds on my fear, now as I watch it grow It corrodes all that’s left As I let these thoughts sink into my mind, I’ve come too far To know and to feel this pain I come to the fore I hear, I listen to the voices that follow me around Reality as it was And shades of me, all faded away I’m wondering all of me, suffering Now we step into the unknown Yet a part of me is still far away Need to find a way I’ll run away From this misery As I go, I refuse to be Yet a part of me tears away At all that used to be Walked too far away from the things now I knew and the places that I had found a shade of myself in And when walking away is the only answer To journey is the only way, I look for myself In places I have never been to This voice inside only pushes me further down low Urges me on I can only chase the light I see It draws me closer calling me out, wont let me stay I’ll run away Speculate. Remedy. Dreams I see grown on me I’ve seen them move into my own reality And all that’s left Takes every hope I know Feeds on my doubts now as I watch them grow It controls all that’s left
Paraflight 04:45
I lie awake Far away from the furors of innocent truths I left behind A glistening calm brings in the new day The presence of myself, I’ll try to find I realize what I chose to defy Pushed aside, locked in the depths of my memories Lasting thoughts of a beautiful mind we share I stare at passing thoughts and endless stir in my mind Frozen by the fear that runs deep In the end we‘ll all go down the same way Far away, away from this All right through my being I feel the need to bury my pain, all hidden away In the end, we’ll face our own realities In the end, we’ll all go down the same way What if till the end we never meet ourselves? Rather suffocate than reach out for it What if till the end, I don’t see truth within? And I slowly crawl And I slowly watch me corrode In the silence of the night, I seem to find myself again And till the end I reach for it, I’ll strive To discover these places in my mind (As I call for your name and I know that you’re real) This is a call I made That you’re real In the end, we’ll face our own realities In the end, we‘re all just meant to fade away In the end, we’ll all go down the same way
Iridescent 05:08
As calm before a storm I’ve left myself forsaken Far too long I've found​ ​the tenor of my pride I’ve tried, just to know that Everything’s realised in time on its own Making sense of all this while I find between all this time And the distance that I’ve come Far away from what I’ve known My thoughts invading My hope receding Everything within me is an illusion Save my soul, save me from this all Not feel a thing All too far and out Less I know of the need to be real, be found It’s all the same You’re just a name I call upon Wish I’d known something more Facing all that I’ve known And all that’s left within me Consuming fear, these thoughts that now grow Push the edge of my sanity All my truth is now known I’m here, away from where I used to be Try to reach out, reach for all of the sense to find me Reach out for me. An upward stream of nothingness ends all that could be I drift away Away from what will ever be known As I keep and save my soul from this fear again And I watch within these walls I’ve built on my own And I scream, wanna run far away from this Hold me down again Hold me now I hope I’m able to meet you in the eye And justify I hope I’m able to meet you in the eye And justify
Europa 04:45
There you are, awake and alive The stillness around you, all you wish I remember the times you found yourself falling down All alone out of control And I’m hoping to find out, I reach out Where all your hope finds its place Where all your truth now You realize Deliberation is the only one by your side Breaking free from all I know All I’m hoping is that I find myself somewhere Find myself running circles Watch me fall again, fall again I fall Will I fall again? Trying to hold on To all that’s alive, it’s inside Echoes voices of a time I remember the times you found yourself falling down All alone, out of control And I’m hoping to find out, I reach out Torn between these things I see For all the time that has passed From the first to the last A side of me, I’ve given it all And I’m hoping to find out, I reach out Torn between these things I see For all the time that has passed From the first to the last A side of me, I’ve given it all Behind all the reasons that I have I’ll pull myself aside from all these fears that have me tied If I were to know, the censures that have grown I’ll pull myself away Breaking free from all I know I’m here to stay I won’t let go, let go now I won’t let go now
Parallax 04:19
Listen to the silence Within a fearful a mind Corrode Every bit of me forever it haunts Rather than sleep, I lie here all alone Every fear witnessed, in my mind I drown Here to stay in control of every breath I take Everything that I fear and know This time I refuse to play along I stand tall With an iron heart, I face it all Watch me fall apart, away into pieces Eventually it all puts a check on it In this moment I watch everything burn I get away from this Inside I feel it all In this moment It knocks me down to the floor Is it too late now to break my fall? Emancipate I feel the need to separate this All that’s within to hold Cast away I’m left to feel this dereliction No way I can face this all Far across, so far across (Where the mind may go) The distance that the mind may go to I’m lost Hoping I could find a way to reach out Finally find a little piece of myself Alone in this tiny shell Alone, I try and face this cold wind I hear shadows whisper my name And now that I found The illusions strewn across all around the ground And I finally found this piece of me, it stays with me I’m not afraid And I finally found this piece worth holding on to I feel my truth flow right through me I’m not afraid I lie awake, I’m here awake I’ve found all of myself I know, now I know All of myself and my truth
And I feel The pulse of this life resonate through my veins Now I’m free And I descry the sense of my being, and I’m free It’s all so real I’ve been away for far too long, I’m left alone And I feel This part of me, took me so long to see I’ve been away I’m finally home Right through to the end Been waiting for the truth to reveal itself Am I waiting to fail? Passing through these corridors of pain within Won’t go without a fight I’ll push myself, towards what I need to know Kill every fear within I pray for light Not afraid to reveal these scars under my skin And I’ve been left alone, alone With these thoughts I kill Wish I had seen it come for me It comes for me again and again To the very end This is my becoming And all of me still carries on and on, and on I‘m all but myself This is my becoming Pull myself aside from Being forever lost Coming to see what was always meant to be for me Is all that I can see Is all that I can be Reach out for the light I find what is forever true Coming to feel what is now left of me to feel Is all that I can feel The scars are all my own It’s a strange divide Now I see every thought immerse Kill every fear within I pray for light Parts of my being resurface again and again I lay down all of myself for all to see I’m home, finally free


released January 18, 2018

All music written by Noiseware
Produced by Adhiraj Singh
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Adhiraj Singh at Refractor
Drum kit courtesy Furtados Music India
Live drum recording courtesy Levi’s Lounge India
Artwork by Aniket Patni

Aman Virdi - Vocals
Adhiraj Singh – Guitars, Arrangements
Aniket Patni – Guitars
Gautam Deb - Drums
Robert Alex – Bass

Kaushik Sinha - Video

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Noiseware Pune, India

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